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A new platform for detecting natural disasters in the climate change era

AMIGOclimate is a unique software as a service (SaaS) that exploits the best available science data to help companies adapt their strategies to the Earth's changing climate. Its comprehensive portfolio of climate services translate raw climate data into actionable knowledge for climate risk management.


Climate Services for different sectors

Food & Agriculture

Water & Infrastructures

Renewable Energy

Finance & Insurance

CASE STUDY - an Insurance company has to decide the best option to protect the crop of a specific Country in the upcoming summer. AMIGOclimate collects all available historical data on rainfall in that country, integrates with the available forecasts and predicts the expected rainfall, and thus whether the next summer will be drier than the average. The forecast is done through AMIGO AI-powered proprietary methodology, and yields a traffic-light climatic index that quantifies the risk of an extreme drought. This climate index provides the insurers with truly actionable information, as it enables strategic business decisions on how to mitigate the climate risk.

AmigoClimate Platform

Benefits of AMIGOclimate

● Automatic detection and forecast of climate extremes (intense precipitation, droughts, heat-waves, coldspels, wind storms, etc.)
● Multiple climate indices available
High resolution data to 300m or more in specific case studies
● Data visualisation through engaging maps, tables and graphs
Download data, table and charts in several file formats
● Summarise findings by creating downloadable report
● Integrated API to fit the flow of data into other systems