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About us

We are climate experts

In a field where multidisciplinarity is the key, we are a cohesive team with a solid core of competences and different backgrounds. Our strength is the synergy between advanced technical skills in the fields of climatology, extreme event statistics, software development, data science and Artificial Intelligence, and a remarkable experience in co-design and stakeholder engagement.


with co-design as the key asset

Our approach is based on co-design, for the unequivocal identification of the customer needs, on an endless innovation of our analysis methods, on our constant effort to effectively communicate our solutions, through user-friendly softwares, training and support. The reliability of our data is one of the primary factors we are thorough about.

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About us

to develop climate services worldwide

Climate change impacts populations all over the world. Our contribution is tailored to the specific needs of the society in both developing and developed Countries, with a particular attention to the diverse socio-economic vulnerabilities. Our ready-to-use tools and actionable solutions provide private companies and institutions with climate information to support or even transform their decision-making process.​

and bring cutting-edge research into climate risk management

We carry on research activities to provide customers with the most advanced services and innovative tools, therefore closing the gap between the academic dimension and the practical one. We work on laying the foundations for a close collaboration between the new generation of climate scientists and decision makers in the area of climate risk management.

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