Giacomo Caria

Data Scientist

Having grown up on a small island, Giacomo always wondered what wonders were expecting him on the other side of the ocean. When he discovered people were willing to pay his rent in exchange for some physics studies, he didn’t think twice: he was off to foreign lands with extravagant customs, where women glow and men plunder. After earning his Ms Degree and PhD in particle physics in Canada and Australia respectively, one day he got fed up with his detector that never caught any dark matter, got tired of staring at matter and antimatter to see if they really differ. So he decided the time had come to do something more useful with his life, and here he was: back to Europe again, to participate in a project about convective clouds in France. And there he is now, trying to make data talk through the language of science: he is confident they have great secrets to reveal, if we only listen with care.