CROSSCLIMATE Climate services for medium-small water utilities

A new service for a resilient society

The project aims at laying sound foundations for the deveopement of a realistic business model and a commercial product for bringing to the market innovative climate services in the field of water management including the nexus between agriculture, food and drinkable water.
The objective of the CrossClimate project is to develop:

  •  a prototype of a Decision Support System (DSS) which integrates climate information in a decision process tool for drinking water management in urban areas of the Mediterranean countries.
  •  a business model to bring on the market the above prototype. The product will be based on the exploitation of the seasonal forecast of the EU Copernicus Services, infrastructural data of Water Utilities (WUs) and on the data integration through a GIS system for water manager, municipalities and decision makers.

The new service, integrating Climate information, social, economic and infrastructural
data may improve the overall water management system in different ways:

  • detailed evaluation of the risk profile and of possible changes thereof in view of climate change on both short (days, weeks, months, seasons) and long term (decades);
  • optimized use the water network, by using innovative remote sensing products and by introducing newly available comprehensive dataset.

The project is funded by the European Commission through the NEPTUNE  Blue Growth Accelerator.

Client: Water Utilities, Neptune Accelerator, European Commission.
Year: 2018
Location: Europe, Mediterranean Area.
Team: Elisa Arnone, Livia Ortolani, Marco Cucchi, Sara Dal Gesso, Brian Baldassarre, Marcello Petitta, Leone Barbieri.