LEAP Livelihoods Early Assessment and Protection

Drought and flood early warning.

In 2008, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the government of Ethiopia developed the Livelihoods Early Assessment and Protection (LEAP), an early warning platform for droughts and floods. LEAP is a key tool within the Ethiopian National Food Security Program. The software uses agro-meteorological monitoring data to estimate future crop yields. Consequently, it converts these estimates into the number of people in need of food supplies and financial assistance in different districts and regions. The WFP asked Amigo Climate to assess the current performance of LEAP and to identify improvement strategies. More specifically, Amigo Climate collaborated closely with the software development team in Rome to improve the algorithms behind the crop modeling component.

Client: World Food Programme.
Year: 2016
Location: Italy, Ethiopia.
Team: Marcello Petitta, Leone Barbieri, Marco Cucchi, Marco Pregnolato.