WINnERS project

Climate resilient agricultural supply chains.

WINnERS is a joint collaboration of academic and industry partners aiming to tackle the risks posed by climate change to food production across the globe. The objective is to build weather and climate resilient agricultural supply chains by modeling weather and climate risk exposure through state of the art technology. In this context, Amigo Climate worked in collaboration with the Imperial College London to estimate the impact of climate factors (e.g. rainfall and temperature changes) on maize crop yields in Tanzania. Using a multi-model approach, Amigo compared the performance of a drought tolerant and a non-drought tolerant variety of maize in different geographical areas over a short, medium and long timeframe.

Client: Imperial College London.
Year: 2016
Location: Africa.
Team: Marcello Petitta, Leone Barbieri, Marco Cucchi, Marco Pregnolato.