Climate. Change. Business.

Climate is changing
and is changing now.
Adapt to changes.

We transform climate data into information for our clients
to assess, manage and forecast their climate-related risks.
We develop customized solutions for the
insurance, agriculture, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Climate Analytics Software

Climate Data Analytics

We find the hidden value of climate data by using groundbreaking data-science approaches and state-of-the-art AI methodologies

Climate Risk Management

Climate risk Management

We design tailored strategies to manage the evolving climate risk based on the assessment of the vulnerability and exposure of the infrastructure and operations of our clients.

Climate Consulting

Climate Consulting

We provide ad-hoc data-driven Climate Consulting services to tackle specific needs from our clients related to their climate challenges.

We are a cohesive multidisciplinary team with expertise in
climatology, extreme event statistics, software development, data science and artificial intelligence.
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Piloting Innovative Insurance Solutions for Adaptation


Enhanced short-term Wind Forecasts


Climate Service for Southern African Regions


Mitigation Strategies for Aviation


Tipping Points in the Earth System

Our research activities provide customers with the most advanced
services and innovative tools for climate risk management,
while closing the gap between academia and real world problems.
Check out our past projects below


Climate risk assessment for agriculture insurance
using Big Data and Artifical Intelligence


AI-Powered Solar Energy Sources forecasting


Downscaling tool and Extreme Event Identification for Climate Data

Snow Power

Climate Forecast for Hydropower Generation


Mitigation Tool for Critical Infrastructure


Climate Service for Resilience Agriculture


Digitalisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas


Environmental Pollutions Analyser


Station Observation Outlier fiNder


Statistical Significance of Changes in the statistics of Extremes


climate Services for small-medium Water Utilities in the Mediterranean Area


Extreme Climate Facilities

WINnERS project

Climate Resilient Agriculture Supply Chains


Livelhoods early Assessment and Protection


Purchase for Progress


Climate Risk Management


Weather Risk Management

| Why AMIGO is the penguin you need…

AMIGO was founded in 2013 with one mission: to democratise climate information by transforming data into actionable solutions.

With climate change unfolding its impact on our society, the challenge for the next few decades is to empower business for adaptation to climate change through tailored tools and services.

We believe that knowledge and action are the keys to mitigate the effects of climate change, and reliable and accurate climate data and modelling are the way forward to a climate-proof society.

The penguin was an easy choice for our brand identity: penguins are resilient, fast, hydrodynamic, and supportive. They are birds, but they can swim. They experience the fragile equilibrium between local and global conditions by living in Antarctica. They partner for life, and collaborate with each other to survive in the harshest climate situations.

Like penguins, we are reliable and committed. As competent professionals who value cooperation and prioritize your needs and your point of view as a customer, we believe that high technological innovation must be supported by a solid co-designand a constant dialogue with the end users.

We started as consultants, and our first prestigious appointment was in 2015, when we worked at the core of eXtreme Climate Facility, established by the Africa Risk Capacity and the World Food Programme. Within this project, we developed the Extreme Climate Index to classify and quantify extreme weather events through statistical analysis.

We kept developing and improving our solutions, while providing services in Italy, Europe, and Africa through several initiatives funded by the European Commission, the European Space Agency, and other national and international organizations.

Today, we are a multidisciplinary team, with a global network of partners including research institutions, international organizations, highly innovative SMEs, and large enterprises. Our products evolved, and we have developed TERRA, a tool designed to provide climate risk assessment and forecast to be used in insurance and finance, agriculture, infrastructure management and utilities.

We have come a long way to make Amigo your ideal partner to create a resilient society that can face climate change while leaving no one behind.

If you want to join the colony, find out more about our job openings.

Sara Sara Dal Gesso CEO Marco Marco Venturini Tech Leader Marcello Marcello Petitta Communication Expert Sandro Sandro Calmanti Climate Scientist Sanda Laura Trentini Data Scientist Federica Federica Guerrini Data Scientist Livia Giulia Maggioni Tender Specialist Chiara Chiara Fabrini Office Manager

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